Taste of Andersonville: Omsom

Taste of Andersonville: Omsom

Aug 08, 2023

Event: Taste of Andersonville
Date: Wednesday, August 9, 2023
Time: 5-8p

The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce welcomes all to the annual Taste of Andersonville! Two routes are available and attendees will get to sample small plates that may feature a dinner item, dessert item, or beverage depending on the location.

We'll be on the Spoon Route sampling Omsom's delicious Asian meal starters and select chili crisps if you want an extra spice kick. Come join us on the patio!


Additional info:

Tickets are available through the ACC here.

Early check-in begins at 3PM and ends at 6:30PM. The check-in location will be stationed outdoors just North of the US Bank located at 5344 N Clark. Tasters are encouraged to check-in early and explore the neighborhood, as well as the Andersonville Farmers Market which will open at 3PM at 1500 W Catalpa.

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