Pantry Playoffs: Open vendor call

Pantry Playoffs: Open vendor call

Aug 31, 2023

Our Snack Attack! event in 2022


First there was Cookie Champ, last year we gave you Snack Attack! and now we present.....the Pantry Playoffs! It's our third annual event where local vendors can compete for a spot on our shelves.

We all have that one sweet treat we hide away from everyone or that special sauce you put on literally everything. This year, we're looking for the next great addition at Ándale — could be a salty snack, hot sauce, tasty condiment, sweet treat or anything in between. It just has to be made in Chicago!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join our ranks then this is your chance. Event attendees will vote for their top vendors, and the winner will have the opportunity to be stocked on our shelves.

. . . 

Local vendors: please apply here by September 8th to be considered.

. . .


🫘 Made in Chicago
🥜 Must be produced in a licensed commercial kitchen
🥨 Able to fill wholesale orders on a regular basis
🫙 Must be packaged for retail resale in Chicago 

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