An ode to the classic New York City bodega.

Ándale is a love letter to the bodega, the neighborhood corner store where you can find whatever you need in a quick pinch.

Only the good stuff.

We love good friends and better food, and believe the best times are when they collide. Ándale is a place to discover your new favorite thing, be it crusty bread, soft cheese, tingling chili oil, tinned fish, or a cutting board to serve it on. Making any meal a reason to gather is what we do best.

We don't have culinary degrees, but we've got good taste.

We're Tim and Mia, perpetually curious and always hungry. We spent years eating our way around the world, from mom-n-pop holes in the wall to Michelin starred tasting menus. The last stop is always our kitchen table, where we recreate the dishes from our memories and build new ones.