SnackChat: Virgil Roundtree, Downstate Donuts

SnackChat: Virgil Roundtree, Downstate Donuts

Feb 11, 2023
Interview shorts with the founders behind some of our favorite brands.

ÁM: What makes your brand and products special?

Virgil Roundtree (VR): We make the best donuts using the most unlikely ingredient, the potato. We focus on preserving the nutritional value of a donut by using organic ingredients and cooking methods to ensure your donut is healthier and delicious. 
ÁM: What motivates you?
VR: There's one thing we hear in our customer feedback that continues to motivate our entire team: "This is the best donut I've ever had."
ÁM: Are there unique challenges or triumphs to being a Black business owner?

VR: If there are I wouldn't be aware of them. I feel our journey has been the typical roadmap for any entrepreneur, and I can appreciate that.

ÁM: Top three traits an entrepreneur should have?

VR: Discipline. The ability to think of success/growth on a long term scale (it's a marathon, not a sprint). 
Know what value you bring to the world. 

ÁM: How do you define success? 

VR: Success is understanding what your end goal is and being confident in your ability in finding solutions to achieve it. 

ÁM: Advice for other aspiring Black entrepreneurs?

VR: Do your homework! Listen to podcasts, read articles, watch Shark Tank if you need to. You can never learn enough. 
Network! Find a networking group of well-to-do people willing to help you. They're everywhere if you're serious about what you do and they understand your mission. 
Be ready to sacrifice! Friends, money and sleep are in short supply when you're in the thick of growing your business. Just know what your limits are and what lifestyle you're willing to accept to reach the level of success you envision.

Salty or sweet? Sweet
Street smarts or book smarts? Book smarts 
Careful planning or chance and luck? Careful planning
Other Black owned brand/s we should know about? Gallery Cafe in Wicker Park. 
1132 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60640


From time to time, you can find their delicious donut tots in our shop!

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  • Virgil’s venture gleams,
    Thursday dawns bring eager waits,
    Charm and success beam. 😍


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