SnackChat: Ashley Rouse, Trade Street Jam Co.

SnackChat: Ashley Rouse, Trade Street Jam Co.

Feb 16, 2023
Interview shorts with the founders behind some of our favorite brands.

ÁM: What makes your brand and products special? 
Ashley Rouse (AR): I'm a young black woman entrepreneur that's been a chef for 18 years. Our products are flipping the jam industry on its head! Low sugar, clean label. Made for regular jamming, but also cocktails, cooking and more.
ÁM: What motivates you? 
AR: Generational wealth for myself and my family.
ÁM: Are there unique challenges or triumphs to being a Black business owner? 
AR: Yes, access to capital is Hard with a capital H.

ÁM: Top three traits an entrepreneur should have? 
AR: Persistence, humility, honesty, flexibility. That's four.

ÁM: How do you define success? 
AR: Money, and lot's of it. Point blank period!

ÁM: Advice for other aspiring Black entrepreneurs? 
AR: Don't subscribe to grind culture. That is NOT the only way to succeed. Also, learn to pour into yourself before others. You can't pour from an empty cup--trust me, I've tried!
Salty or sweet? Sweet
Street smarts or book smarts? Both
Careful planning or chance and luck? Prayer and blessings
Other Black owned brand/s we should know about? Partake, Paige's Candle Co., ReWax & UnWine, Chef Will Coleman, Chef Courtnee Futch, A Dozen Cousins, Blue Henry, Calendly, Trufflin. Omg so many more!

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