Ándale Loves: Moms recap

Ándale Loves: Moms recap

May 13, 2024

Part of a new series celebrating good food, good people and good times, simply called "Ándale Loves".

We had a great time with everyone this past Saturday! Thanks for coming to hang and eat Long Table pancakes with us and the makers, Samuel and Lindsey.

We had blue skies and little mini gourmet short stacks featuring the Popcorn and Blue Corn pancake mixes. 

The Popcorn mix had sprinkles and whipped cream, and was topped with Runamok's Sparkle Syrup and a fresh strawberry. The Blue Corn had a wedge of manchego cheese, a drizzle of Tondo's balsamic vinegar glaze, and a black berry. Sweet and savory, the perfect little bites.

Thanks, too, for picking up our Mother's Day breakfast bundles and flowers to give to the moms and mother figures in your life. We hope they liked them!

See you at the next one! 

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