Ándale Market

Life's Batter with Moms


It's breakfast in a Bag(gu)! Because pancakes, like moms, come in all forms. Plant moms, pet moms, people moms, non moms

no matter how you slice the hot cake, we're all mothering something. 

Our breakfast bundle includes everything you need to show a waffle lot of love, including Chicago's very own best-selling Long Table Pancakes and a mini Runamok Sparkle Syrup. Comes wrapped in our "I ❤️ ÁM" mini Baggu tote and ready to gift. 

And if you're local, join us on May 11 for a Pancake Party with Long Table on the patio!

• 2 Long Table Pancake mixes: Popcorn and Blue Corn (12.7oz each)
• 1 mini Runamok Sparkle Syrup (60ml bottle)
• 1 "I Heart ÁM" mini Baggu tote

• 1 hand-tied bouquet, small or regular (small shown in photo)
• Local pick-up only if ordering with flowers

Long Table Popcorn Pancakes
Organic Oat Flour, Organic Wheat Flour (Wheat), Almond Meal, Cane Sugar, Non-GMO Aluminum-Free Baking Powder (Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Non-GMO Cornstarch), Non-GMO Popcorn Flour, Organic Corn Meal, Poppy Seeds, Sea Salt

Long Table Blue Corn Pancakes
Organic Blue Cornmeal, Organic Rye Flour, Organic Buckwheat Flour, Hazelnut meal, Cane Sugar, Non-GMO Aluminum Free Baking Powder (Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Non-GMO Cornstarch), Sea Salt

Runamok Sparkle Syrup
Maple Syrup, Mica-Based Pearlescent Pigment

◯ Gluten-free
◉ Vegan
◉ Small batch
◉ Local / Midwest
◯ Imported
◉ BIPOC owned
◉ Female owned
◯ Mission driven