Japanese Mayonnaise

The one and only Kewpie Mayo. This deeply umami mayo gets its rich creamy texture by using only the egg yolks (no whites!) and a unique blend of vinegars for a tangy depth of flavor. We like it squeezed over rice and a fried egg, plus any veg or protein laying around in the fridge. Top with Bachan's, chili crisp and furikake for a supremely comforting bowl of yum. 

• Made only with egg yolks for a richer, more savory flavor
• Use it anywhere you use mayo and beyond
• No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
• 17.6 fl oz

Vegetable Oil (Canola Oil, Soybean Oil), Egg Yolk, Vinegar, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Spice, Natural Flavor

◉ Gluten-free
◯ Vegan
◯ Small batch
◯ Local / Midwest
◉ Imported
◉ BIPOC owned
◯ Female owned
◯ Mission driven