Honzen Soy Sauce


Made in the koikuchi (dark soy sauce) style created during the Edo period, this double-brewed shoyu (soy sauce) is made with high grade soy beans and has a light flavor perfect for delicate sashimi or seasoning broths. The subtly of the soy sauce makes it ideal for finishing and dipping. 

Higeta Shoyu was founded in 1616 in Chiba, Japan. They are the oldest shoyu brewery in the Kanto region.

• Soft, delicate flavor that won't overpower
• More fruity and fermented than typical soy sauce
• Made in Chiba, Japan
• 12.2 fl oz

Water, Soybeans, Wheat, Salt

◯ Gluten-free
◉ Vegan
◯ Small batch
◯ Local / Midwest
◉ Imported
◉ BIPOC owned
◯ Female owned
◯ Mission driven