Mikuni Wild Harvest

Haku Smoked Shoyu


This shoyu, or Japanese soy sauce, is cold-smoked using Japanese oak for an incredibly bold and smoky flavor. A quick drizzle to sashimi, noodles or veggies will add a beautifully delicate and complex earthy flavor packed with rich umami. Made in Kyoto using age-old techniques.

      • Cold-smoked with Japanese oak for a complex and lively smoke flavor
      • Made in Japan
      • 12.6oz

      Water, Soybeans, Salt, Wheat Alcohol, Natural Wood Smoke

      ◯ Gluten-free
      ◉ Vegan
      ◯ Small batch
      ◯ Local / Midwest
      ◉ Imported
      ◯ BIPOC owned
      ◯ Female owned
      ◯ Mission driven