Sliced Jamón Ibérico


What many consider the crown jewel of Ibérico meats and Spanish gastronomy, Fermín's Jamón Ibérico is ruby red in color, has beautiful marbling, and is cured for a minimum of 28 months. This special breed of Ibérico pig is indigenous to Spain and fed a diet of high-quality grain and acorns, resulting in a rich flavor with delicate, buttery accents and a silky soft mouthfeel.

The Fermín family has crafted top quality, artisanal Ibérico products since 1956 in the magical medieval village of La Alberca, Spain.

            • Humanely-raised pork that's crafted through a traditional, artisanal air-drying process in La Alberca, Spain
            • Pre-sliced, vacuum-packed and ready-to-serve
            • No added nitrates or nitrites
            • 2oz

            Iberico Pork Ham, Salt

            ◉ Gluten-free
            ◯ Vegan
            ◯ Small batch
            ◯ Local / Midwest
            ◉ Imported
            ◯ BIPOC owned
            ◯ Female owned
            ◯ Mission driven