Algae Cooking Club

Algae Cooking Oil


We like it weird, but tbh, we were a tinge skeptical about Algae Cooking Club's new innovative oil. It's made from algae? Yup. Does it taste like it? Nope! After trying it out for ourselves, consider us officially in the club.

Algae oil has the highest concentration of flavor-carrying, monounsatured fats, the highest smoke point of 535 degrees, and the lowest environmental impact. Achieve the crispiest yet fluffiest potatoes, ultimate soft scrambled eggs, and steakhouse-worthy sears. Not to mention it works great in dressings, dips and condiments. 

A favorite of three Michelin star Chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park. Who can argue with that?

• Super neutral, light and slightly buttery. Doesn't overpower the flavors of what you're cooking
• 93% healthy Omega-9 fats, more than olive and avocado oil
• 535°F smoke point, roughly 125°F higher than EVOO and 35°F higher than avocado
• Low environmental impact and produces 47% fewer carbon emissions than canola and other oils
• Versatile uses including stir-frys, dips, dressings, baking, frying, searing and more
• 16 fl oz

Algae Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E)

◉ Gluten-free
◉ Vegan
◯ Small batch
◯ Local / Midwest
◯ Imported
◯ BIPOC owned
◯ Female owned
◯ Mission driven