Deux Cranes

Passionfruit Chocolate


Vibrant, velvety, and super juicy. It's fresh, tart flavor reminds us of sorbet on a summer day. One of our faves.

Deux Cranes is an artisanal chocolate brand from French-trained chocolatier Michiko Marron-Kibbey and Ayaka B. Ito, and is inspired by their Japanese heritage and the flavors of their youth.


• Flavor notes: fruity, bright, tart
• Made with passionfruit juice
• Dairy-free. Contains soy.
• Handmade in small batches in L.A.
• 2.5oz

Passionfruit Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Dried Passionfruit Juice, Sunflower Lecithin (Emulsifier)), Cacao Nibs

◉ Gluten-free
◉ Vegan
◉ Small batch
◯ Local / Midwest
◯ Imported
◉ BIPOC owned
◉ Female owned
◯ Mission driven