Drizzle Olive Oil


Made for eating, not heating. Like a sprinkle of flaky salt or the squeeze of a good condiment, Graza's Drizzle is a finishing oil that adds a big pop of flavor right before you dig in.

Graza's single origin oils come in a squeezy bottle that makes everything easier and more fun. Made from 100% Picual olives from Jaen, Spain, where over half the world’s olive oil is produced.

• Picked by hand and harvested in October, before the olives have ripened fully
• Young olives yield a spicier, more flavor-packed oil
• Try on hummus, ice cream, pasta, pizza, popcorn, salads, sandwiches or to finish any dish
• 16.9 fl oz

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

◉ Gluten-free
◉ Vegan
◯ Small batch
◯ Local / Midwest
◉ Imported
◯ BIPOC owned
◯ Female owned
◯ Mission driven