Pantry Playoffs recap

Pantry Playoffs recap

Sep 27, 2023

We had such a good time with you at the Pantry Playoffs! It's our third year doing the event, and last week's vibes were Á+ 💫



It's always such a fun event that connects community. That's what we love most about it. Local vendors meet new customers and each other, and guests get to find new favorites, sample free food, and meet the makers. It's a win win all around.



The weather was balmy and still, the vendors were super strong, and ya'll really turned up to do the damn thing. 



Rank choice voting is at the top of the feedback list. The one complaint we hear if you can call it that  is that it's too hard to choose just one vendor! Consider it considered for 2024.



Thanks so much to everyone for coming out and helping us choose what to stock on our shelves. The competition was stiff, with just a point separating the winners.

3rd place: Tasting India
2nd place: Soul & Smoke
1st place: Tubby's Taste

Look for Tubby's cookies in the shop soon!



Huge thanks goes out to our vendors for turning up and throwing down. Ya'll crushed it!

El Molcajete Sauces
Pickled Prince
Bif Cheese

See ya next year! ✌️



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