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Scout Canning

Scout Canning - Rainbow Trout with Dill

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Scout sources 100% of its seafood directly from regional fishing communities across Canada and the US. They only work with responsibly managed fisheries that prioritize the well being of workers and the environment. Fair wages, working conditions and a direct chain of custody from boat to shelf are just some of the building blocks they stand by to bring you responsible seafood.

When you enjoy Scout, you are supporting ocean health projects through their 1% for the planet program.

• Delicious pairing of rainbow lake trout, herbaceous dill and cold-pressed sunflower oil with a bit of salt
• Responsibly farm-raised and harvested in Ontario, Canada
• 3.1oz


Rainbow Trout, Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil, Salt, Dill, Dill Seed

Brand & Product

◉ Gluten-free
◯ Vegan
◉ Small batch
◯ Local / Midwest
◯ Imported
◯ BIPOC owned
◉ Female owned
◉ Mission driven