WHM: Edition 1 // Omsom

WHM: Edition 1 // Omsom

Many of our incredible brands were founded by tenacious female entrepreneurs. For Women’s History Month, we interviewed a handful and asked them for insight into owning a business, advice on getting started, and what’s in their fridge.

As first-gen Vietnamese-American sisters, Vanessa and Kim Pham started Omsom to reclaim and celebrate Asian flavors and stories. Each of their rip-and-pour starter packets include all the specialty sauces, aromatics, citruses, and oils needed to cook a specific Asian dish. They partner with iconic Asian chefs from pioneering restaurants like Madame Vo, Bessou, MáLà Project and more to craft pantry staples that make cooking your favorite Asian dishes — without compromising flavor — possible in any home kitchen.


ÁM: Describe your brand and products in three words or less.

Pham Sisters (PS): Proud and loud.


ÁM: How has being a woman impacted your business, or has it?

PS: Throughout our journey, we have been underestimated repeatedly as women of color. From investors believing that building an Asian American brand is too “niche” to industry folks thinking that first-time female founders couldn’t create a successful CPG brand. These were definitely tough experiences, but coming from a lineage of tough Vietnamese women gave us the fortitude to keep going, believing in ourselves and in our communities. Our identities absolutely show up in our business, and we’re grateful for that opportunity.

ÁM: What’s your most and least favorite part of owning a business?

PS: Most favorite: getting to build the “company of our dreams,” our way.

Least favorite: Tough conversations after long days.


ÁM: Any advice for those who are looking to start something?

PS: Have conviction in your vision + what you stand for on this earth.


Rapid-fire questions!


Three favorite things in your fridge right now:

Diaspora pepper

Sanzo yuzu with ginger

Sze Daddy chili sauce


Recipe on repeat:

Pork belly krapow


Current obsession (a recipe, book, brand, person, show, etc):



Word of the year for 2022: